GM New Duramax Engine 2014
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New Duramax
The next-generation turbo-diesel engine
baChevrolet Sales Thailand today introduced the new-generation 'MY14' Duramax four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, which boasts one of the highest power and torque outputs while exceeding industry-standard emissions ratings. Slated to be installed in the Colorado pickup truck and Trailblazer SUV, the new engine will further enhance the appeal of two of Chevrolet's most popular models.

ba"When we launched the first generation Duramax four-cylinder turbo-diesel engines two years ago, both the 2.5-liter and 2.8-liter variants delivered best in class power and torque outputs," said Nicola Menarini, Global Chief Engineer, GM Powertrain. The new-generation, MY14 Duramax engines just raised that bar even further with unprecedented levels of output from a compact and highly-efficient construction. When we were developing the second-generation Duramax engine, outright power and torque outputs were not the main priorities," Menarinisaid.

baHe explained, "The key to performance is efficiency - the more efficient the engine, the more powerful it will be. Better efficiency also means better reliability, economy as well as lower emission levels."
GM New Duramax Engine 2014
• Mr. Laurent Berthet, Director of Communications, GM Southeast Asia / Chevrolet Thailand.
baTherefore, instead of simply introducing a bigger engine, GM's powertrain engineers have chosen the high-tech route of extracting higher levels of efficiency from the existing cubic capacity of 2.8 and 2.5 liters. The more efficient an engine is, the more energy it is capable of extracting from the air-fuel mixture, consequently producing more power and torque while maintaining good running economy and lower emissions levels.

baThe new Duramax engine is now stronger and more durable. The 2.8L has several new parts, namely a new water-cooled variable-geometry turbocharger, a new high-pressure common-rail fuel delivery system, a new Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, a new intake manifold, a new cylinder head, a new cylinder block, a new balancer shaft unit and a new Engine Control Module (ECM).

baThe engineering that went into the new Duramax engine has resulted in new levels of class-leading output. Specifically, the new Duramax 2.8L is capable of 500 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm - that is 178Nm/liter (Newton-meter per liter of engine capacity), which will translate to impressive acceleration and a high level of towing and payload capability. Power is also increased, up to 200hp (147kW) for the 2.8L variant while the 2.5L now churns out 163hp (120kW).

baPerformance of the new Duramax will be matched to a re-tuned six-speed transmission to take advantage of the engine's output characteristics while enhancing economy.

baDue to its efficiency, the new Duramax engine also has lower emission levels. It is Euro-4 compliant and can be upgraded to meet Euro-5, -6 and US emission standards if necessary.
GM New Duramax Engine 2014
• Mr. Gustavo Colossi, Vice-President Sales, Service and Marketing for Chevrolet Southeast Asia.
baThe new Duramax engine was engineered in Europe and the US, with global application as one of its developmental objectives. Applications include powering the Colorado pickup truck and Trailblazer SUV for the Thailand and Southeast Asian markets.

baWhen they were launched, both the Colorado and Trailblazer boasted best-in-class engine performance, which resulted in superior driving satisfaction in addition to segment-leading towing and payload capabilities. The new Duramax engine will bring new levels of performance to two of Chevrolets more popular models, and make them more irresistible as purchase options.

baDuramax is General Motors' brand name for high-performance diesel truck engines around the world with more than 1.3 million sold since 2001. The new four-cylinder Duramax engine will be built in GM Powertrain's facility in Rayong, Thailand, with a local content of 55 percent. In addition to being installed in the Colorado and Trailblazer slated for the Thai and Southeast Asian markets, the MY14 Duramax will also be exported to other global markets.

baThe US$ 200 million, 120,000-units per year GM Powertrain Thailand is one of GM's most advanced diesel engine facilities and is the first facility in the world to produce the Duramax four-cylinder turbo-diesel engines. The facility introduced a new engine-block line in 2012, underlining the facility as a leader in advanced powertrain manufacturing. The new block line offers the benefits of strict in-house quality control, higher local content for the Trailblazer and Colorado, and more efficient production.
GM New Duramax Engine 2014
• Mr. David Elliott and Ms. Jennifer Bigelow, GM Powertrain Thailand.
New parts in the new Duramax engine are:
Commonrail system - The high pressure fuel pump of the second generation Duramax engine operates at pressures up to 2,000 bar, enabling increased engine efficiency. It provides a high pressure fuel in the common rail system and a fine vapor is sprayed into the engine based on input from the ECMto ensure efficient combustion and performance while reducing CO2 and fuel consumption.

baTurbo (2.8L) - The improved variable-geometry turbo incorporates a water-cooling system in the turbine housing to reduce heat when operating at high speeds and full load. This feature extends the life of the turbo and the engine.

baEGR valve and EGR cooler - The new EGR system Decreases exhaust emissions (oxides of nitrogen / NOx) by reducing charge temperature and reducing excess levels of O2 in the combustion chamber. The new Duramax engine uses an Electric EGR valve for greater precision and a larger EGR cooler to further reduce recirculated exhaust gas temperature.

baIntake manifold - The new engine uses an enhanced, lighter and higher efficiency intake manifold, which helps improve overall engine performance. The redesigned and improved intake manifold allows increased exhaust gas recirculation and  increases air intake efficiency. In conjunction with the new EGR system emissions are reduced.

baCylinder Head - An improved and redesigned cylinder head has a larger exhaust port and water passage to enhance cooling efficiency. The new engine comes with an improved oil distribution channel to enhance lubricant supply in the cylinder head. The second generation cylinder head is lighter and increases overall engine efficiency.

baCylinder block - New water jacket and cooling circuit design in the new cylinder block helps improve heat exchange. The new cylinder block is also lighter, , which contributes to improved  vehicle efficiency.

baBalance shaft unit - Reduces vibration and noise caused by crankshaft and reciprocating parts. Redesigned components inside the balancer shaft and an improved production process reduces engine vibration and noise.

baEngine control module (ECM)- New software and hardware was developed by the GM engineering team for quicker response, improved accuracy and precision of overall engine control. The second generation engine offers better fuel economy, performance and lower emissions.
GM New Duramax Engine 2014
Best-in-Class Performance
New Duramax 2.8-diesel engine has 11% more power, 6% more torque, while  consuming 4.3% lesser fuel
The Duramax 2.8L is capable of 200 hp (147 kW ) of power at 3600 rpm
More significantly, it produces 500 Nm at 2,000 rpm. That is equivalent to 178Nm/liter, which translates to fast accelerations and unsurpassed towing and payload capacity
This makes the Duramax 2.8L the one of the most powerful in its class
Output for the 2.5L variant also increased. Power is now rated at 163 hp (120 kW ) at 3600 rpm. It produces 380 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm
Key to the Duramax's performance is efficiency - GM engineers focused on increasing efficiency within existing engine capacities, instead of simply increasing capacities
The new Duramax engines are stronger and more durable in construction
The 2.8L variant gets a new water-cooled, variable-geometry turbocharger and a new high-pressure common-rail fuel delivery system capable of charges of up to 2,000 Bar (29,000 PSI)
Optimized fuel and combustion control reduce operational noise and smoke in the engine's emissions
New electronic engine control module fully developed by General Motors - the new Duramax engine is the first of two users of this control module
Performance of the new Duramax will be matched to a re-tuned six-speed transmission to take advantage of the engine's output characteristics while enhancing economy
In addition to higher specific outputs, efficiency also enhanced other operational parameters of the new Duramax engines
The new Duramax engines have lower emission levels – with an average of 4.5% decrease from the previous generation version.
It is Euro-4 compliant and can be upgraded to meet Euro-5, -6 and US emission standards if necessary
Fuel economy for the new Duramax engine has also been improved by an averge of 5 %.
The new four-cylinder Duramax engines will be built in GM Powertrain's facility in Rayong, Thailand. The Duramax 2.5L will have an initial local content of about 58 percent, while the 2.8L will have 54 percent.
Thailand will be the first country to produce the all-new MY14 Duramax engines - testimony to Thailand's capability in advanced powertrain technology
GM's Powertrain facility in Thailand is one of the most advanced diesel engine facilities (and the first in the world to produce the Duramax four-cylinder diesel engine) in the world, with high-precision and quality line processes, hot- and cold-test capabilities, all housed in a dust-free, climate-controlled environment
It will continue to conduct research and development for the Thai and SEA markets
GM New Duramax Engine 2014
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