Honda BigWing
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Honda BigWing
Honda to Rock the Big Bike Industry: The Destination for Riders
baAP Honda is strengthening its leadership in Thailand’s motorcycle industry with the official launch of Honda BigWing showroom and service centre. Designed as a one-stop service for Big Bikes, the centre locates on a three-rai plot of land in Praditmanutham area, making it one of the world’s largest big bike centres. Decorated with an avant-garde design from inside out, the centre features “The Destination for Riders” concept, which is the ultimate destination for all riders in the country.

baThe company is confident with its “6S” standard which is: sales, service, spare parts, second hand, safety riding, and society. Six models are being imported for the local users to experience. Three big bikes are equipped with DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission), the advanced gear system that makes your next ride even more fun to be in line with “Discover Your Fun. Find Something New” campaign. The company is also getting ready for the growing demand for the big bike market. The models are set to be new options for all big bike lovers and to set a new standard for the Big Bike market in Thailand.

ba“The opening of Honda BigWing is resulted from our strong determination to create a product beyond our customers’ expectation and to build a riding culture in Thailand. Set to be the state-of-the-art big bike centre, Honda BigWing is designed to be “The Destination for Riders” or the place-to-be where all the demands of all big bike lovers are met. Honda BigWing features the grandeur of the place and the world-class service standard. Our customers are guaranteed only the best products and services provided by Honda. Honda BigWing will become the new standard for Thailand’s big bike industry. The first Honda BigWing will also be the prototype for all branches to open in the future,” said Mr Chiaki Kato, President of AP Honda.
Honda BigWing
• Mr. Chiaki Kato, President of AP Honda
baHonda BigWing was the brainchild of the management team of AP Honda who foresaw the high potential of the big bike market sector in Thailand. The centre has been designed to be the country’s largest showroom and serviced centre, located on a three-rai plot of land on Praditmanutham Road (along the Ekamai-Ramindra Expressway). The centre comprises of distribution and service zones. The service zone is divided into sales for imported big bikes; service for Japan-trained technicians with international standard service; spare parts for genuine imported parts from Japan; second hand for the swap centre; safety riding for international standard riding workshop, and society for all big bike lovers to mingle and enjoy the trips throughout the year with Honda Big Bike Society.

baHonda BigWing is divided into two main zones which are showroom and after-sales service centre. During the first six months after the official opening, the showroom will feature a special exhibition. A collection of Honda Big Bikes will be brought from Japan to be displayed to show off the evolution of the Honda Big Bikes from the beginning till present. The zone is also comprised of Honda Accessories corner where Honda Collection & Rider Gears are on offer for the customers to build their own unique character. VIP Lounge for Honda Big Bike Member Card holders is also provided.
Honda BigWing
• Mr. Paiwong Techanarong, Adviser to the interior minister
Honda BigWing
• Mr. Suchart Arunsaengroj, general manager for sales AP Honda
baThe second zone, after-sales service centre, offers one-stop service zone, featuring five maintenance stations, a Dyno Test room, and experienced technicians with Japan-standard; and Honda-guaranteed used big bikes at second hand zone.

baDemonstration bikes of all models will also be prepared for trial at Honda BigWing. The ground floor of the centre has been designed as Big Bike Test Track for test rides for the first time in Thailand. For safety, Safety Riding staffers are arranged to facilitate the customers. Big Bike Service zone will soon be introduced.

baAP Honda has imported six models of Big Bikes to meet the diverse lifestyles of Thai users. The giant fleet comprising three giants, led by the king of cruisers, “Honda Gold Wing” or GL1800, the most popular touring bike in the USA thanks to its easy riding. Combined between the 1,800cc engine and Air Bag System, the model is priced at Bt1,539,000. The second is “CBR100RR”, the superbike with a long history in and outside the racing circuit especially designed for those fascinated with the high performance; it’s priced at Bt799,000.  The third in the fleet is “Honda CRF250R” endure for those thrilled by the motocross style, and priced at Bt310,000.
Honda BigWing
baThe second fleet comprising three models equipped with latest technology, DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) which makes your ride more fun, free and unique. Gear shifts works at your fingertip. Every model comes with ABS. Equipped with V-Twin and 670cc engine, “NC700X” is your best vehicle for all routes, be it on the streets or on the Jungle tracks. The model features high torque in low speed and constant power in high speed. It’s priced at Bt451,000. Equipped with automatic gear CVT, sport touring “Honda VFR1200F” makes every trip a gentle ride. Priced at Bt899,000, the model comes with Traction Control System that improves the riding safety. Big scooter “Honda Integra” is created for city riders and long journey riders, with its 670cc engine. It’s priced at Bt487,000.

ba“The official opening of Honda BigWing and official launch of Honda Big Bike is a marketing plan set to be in line with our brand campaign, “Discover Your Fun. Find Something New”. Big Bike is a new option for those who want to live outside the box. We would like you to experience and open to a new fun with Honda Big Bike. We’ve also prepared for the growth of the new market which expects to leap for the first six imported models,” said Mr Kato.
Honda BigWing
baMore privilege is being prepared for all Honda Big Bike customers at the grand opening. Privileges are 20% down payment plan; 24-hour Emergency Assistance package; 2-year warranty without mileage limit; and a complimentary Honda Big Bike Member Card worth Bt25,000. Cardholders can enjoy a 10% discount on parts; a 15% discount at service at Mobile Service in Bangkok and peripheral areas; a 15% discount on all Honda Big Bike parts including Honda Collection & Riding Gears; a 15% discount at Gloria Jean’s Coffee; and more privileges at Honda Big Bike Society all the year round.

baFor more information, contact Call Center at 02-790-3999, or visit
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